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This is a general wazifah/’amal for all people who have diabetes and who need to lower their sugar levels. You may share this with any one who has diabetes and are having a hard time bringing its level down:

1. 11 times Durood Shareef (Salaat on the Prophet sallallahu alyhe wasallam)
2. Read 1011 times:

Wa idha maridtu fa Huwa yashfeen

3. Blow on a jug of water.

4. 11 times Durood Shareef again.

5. Drink the water daily and leave a little bit for the next day’s reading.

6. Next day, same time, fill it up and start on step 1.

7. Read the above for no more than 11 days.

Important: Please note that all Wazaif should be performed by sitting respectfully on your prayer mat facing the Qiblah in the state of Wudu (of course outside of Janaabah) with full concentration. This wazifah can only be performed by a Muslim who has taken the greater ritual bath (Ghusl).

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If you feel that what ever you try ends up in failure, or everything in life seems to close down on you, or you are trying to find a way out but there seems to be no openings, or you feel that there may be some evil eye, or black magic that is preventing you from attaining success. You may read the following not to exceed 40 days after Fajr or after Isha in the state of Wudu:

  1. Read 11 times any Durood Shareef (Salawaat on the Beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhe wasallam)
  2. Read Surat ul-Fatah (in the 26th Para/Juz) one time only.
  3. Supplicate (make dua) to Allah Most Exalted by the means (waseelah) of this Surah and that of the Prophet sallallahu alayhe wasallam for an opening in your situation.
  4. Read Durood Shareef 11 times again.

Important: You should try to complete this without a break, sitting quietly at one place with full concentration.  For women, stop recitation of this wazeefah during your menstruation cycle, and complete the 40 days when you can perform salaat again.

When the 40 days are over, on the 41st night, ask Allah Most Exalted to except your recitation and for Allah to grant the reward of the recitation that you had performed over the past 40 days  to the Beloved Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wasallam), all of the Sahaba Kiram and Ahl Bayt (radiallahu anhum ajma’een), to Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (rehmatullahi alayhi), and to all the great Awliyah of Allah including my Grand Murshid Hazrat Badshah Mian Qadri and Hazrat Bibi Maqbul un-Nisa (his respected wife) rehmatullahi alayhima – both great Awliya of Allah.

May Allah reward you and open His doors of Rahmah on you – Ameen!

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In the economic downturn, many families have lost their jobs, homes, and are increasingly borrowing from credit to continue with their lives.  While unnecessary spending and accumulating debt in the Islamic faith is discouraged, it is currently an unfortunate reality which many, Muslim and non-Muslim alike are facing.

With the permission of Dr. Prof Muhammad Ahmad Qadri, my Spiritual Master, I am posting a wazeefah that will insha-Allah, help a lot of people to find a means to get out of debt and extreme financial siuations.

We ask Allah for Tawfiq and His special Barakaat – Ameen!

In the morning after Fajr prayer recite the following for 40 days:

  1. 11 times Durood Shareef (Salaawaat on the Beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhe wasallam)
  2. Read 70 times:
  3. 11 times Durood Shareef

May Allay grant you success.

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The intent of this document is to bring to the attention of the readers of this blog the great spiritual benefits of the blessed nights and days of the Sacred month of Dhul Hijjah.  One is encouraged to derive benefit from  practicing the prescribed acts of worship.

Virtues of the Sacred Month of Dhul Hijjah

Source: http://www.IECRCna.org

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Moody Teenagers

When you see that your teenager is excessively moody, don’t overlook this.  Try to communicate by talking and getting to the bottom of things.  Communicate often and spend family time together.  Sometimes bonding activities (such as going out together for dinner or a game etc) of a father and son and mother and daughter is also useful to break the silence.

Here is something that will, insha-Allah help:

Every night after your teenager is asleep for 3 nights only:

  1. Read Durood Shareef (Salawaat ala an-Nabi sallAllahu alahye wasallam) 11 times.
  2. Surat ul-Maa’oun 3 times and blow in the right ear.
  3. Surat ut-Takaathur 3 times and blow in the left ear
  4. Durood Shareef 11 times again

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