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Awrad s. Wird — A regimen performed daily. Awrad may be performed for life.  Muslims and non-Muslim alike may read this.

Wazaif  – s. Wazeefah — A spiritual exercise that is read for specific number of days.  One should complete the days and not miss any days unless there is an excuse.  This should be perfomed in Wudu and unless specified one should also be in a state of major ritual pourity (ghusl).

Read Durood Shareef 11 times before and after each Wazeefah.

The Wazaif and Awrad:

Wazeefah 1: For those seeking Employment, Business Improvement, Peace of Mind, and Stress Alleviation

Read Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheemu 1100 times daily after Fajr (morning) prayers for 40 days. Could be perfomed without ghusl. There is no harm in performing wudu (even when one is in menstruation).

Wazeefah 2: For Mental Health, Stress Alleviation, Freedom from Anxiety

Read Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheemu 190 times and blow on your heart. Read daily after Fajr (morning) and after Isha (late night) prayers for 40 days. Could be perfomed without ghusl. There is no harm in performing wudu (even when one is in menstruation).

Wird 1: For a Clear Mind and Memory Improvement

Read Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheemu 100 times after 5 daily prayers daily.

These Waza’if and Awrad do not require specific permission to begin. This posting is the permission.

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Managing Difficult Children

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A young girl was suffering from a fear of crowded places. If she went into a crowd, she would start crying and making strange noises. She was brought in for spiritual healing treatment and currently; she is able to sit in her classroom without any problems.

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A woman complained that she would see and feel insects or bugs crawing on her skin, eyes, and the inside of her head. She would say the insects would come on her arm and sometimes bite her and because of this problem, she was not able to sleep properly and was pulling her hair out. Other people cannot see these insects and the lady had gone to many different doctors. She had been given painkillers and other drugs. She started her spiritual treatment, which consisted of drinking water containing taweez, recitation of quranic verses, being blown on by Quranic verses. Within a week, she was feeling better, and has seen a big improvement in her problems.

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The patient is a teenager and has been suffering from various ailments for approximately 6 months. Some of his problems started when he started smoking marijuana with his friends. Although he smoked recreationally and was not addicted, he did suffer from mental and physical disorders. Generally, the patient was feeling restless and could not stay still for any long duration of time. He suffered from insomnia and suffered shortness of breath and sometimes a burning pain in the chest. He felt that his mind was telling him to walk around and “escape” from his surroundings. He also was quick to get angry and would get tired easily. The patient visited doctors for his breathing problems but X-rays did not reveal anything abnormal. Medical doctors said that the patient showed no physical signs. A psychologist that the patient visited said that although he (the patient) was very intelligent, he needed to think before he acted and stop smoking marijuana. The patient though, did not want to quit smoking as a social and emotional outlet. The patient’s father found out about the services offered by IECRC and brought his son in for treatment. The patient has been receiving treatment for approximately three months and has stopped smoking marijuana. The patient stated that he felt better immediately after drinking the taweez water and having some Quranic verses recited and blown upon him (traditionally referred to as ‘Dum’). Since receiving his first treatment, he has not smoken any marijuana. Along with drinking the water containg taweez, the patient does come once a week to IECRC services to receive the ‘Dum’ treatment and participate in Zikr (spiritual gathering). The patient has seen an improvement in the relationship with his family and does not feel restless as before. His shortness of breath has improved and his mind is more at rest. He claims that he just wants to be “normal” and is very satisfied with the help he has received.

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